Satellite Compass Installation

Alcoa tech Peter re-installed the Furuno SC50 Satellite Compass processor unit today. It was necessary to add a “wedge” between the bulkhead and the processor in order to orient the processor correctly. As noted in the Operator’s Manual, installation must be “…and which is within ±2.5° of the ship’s fore-and-aft line.” It seems the processor must be perpendicular to this line as well. Tomorrow I will add a picture of the installed unit and later report on how the ultimate calibration goes.

  • Sat Compass Blackbox Schematic Snapshot

  • Furuno SC50 Connections

  • Furuno SC50 Processor and Wedge

  • From the Operator's Manual

Also, today I met the owner of the new Nordhavn 52 that was shipmate to Lucky Stars on BBC Nebraska. We are using pretty much the same people for commissioning.

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