BBC Nebraska Destination San Diego 21 Sept

Getting closer, and seems to be on schedule for 23 September arrival. Nordhavn company policy prevents me from being present for the off-loading or for the transit to Dana Point. I don’t like it but I understand. In July 2009 a Nordhavn 56 Motor Sailer was dropped while off-loading at San Diego, ultimately sinking. The freak accident is interesting MOSTLY because of the exceptional response by Nordhavn to make the new owner as happy as possible. Its a great story of customer service. Nordhavn 56 Story

I’m not worried about this kind of accident but I would find the ship handling interesting to watch. I’ll get plenty of time with Lucky Stars shortly.

21 September 2016 09:33

BBC Nebraska

BBC Nebraska is underway with Lucky Stars and N5276. I decided to start tracking her with Marine Traffic Satellite Service. I was on the fence about this until I read about super typhoon Meranti. Nebraska should be out of the current cone, but that was enough to motivate my $15 subscription upgrade. So today here she sails about 2700+ nm behind her and about 3400+ to go to San Diego.

BBC Nebraska 12Sept 1010EDT

BBC Nebraska:

A Versatile Ship (Photos from Marine

BBC Nebraska Specs

A new color for the helm chair

We ordered the Stidd helm chair that seems to be pretty standard on the Nordhavn 43’s we have seen. We selected a greenish color (Basil 303-4489) that looked good against the matte black and wood of the pilot house. That one has been discontinued in the time since our order. Well, there are 514 different colors remaining on the website. Not many greens however. Plus its pretty hard for me to pick successfully from swatches whether it is paint or fabric. We decided to make it simple and use the same color scheme in the pilot house as the solon. This means the color is (Sage 303-4487), also greenish but with a gray and possibly a little silver. The first image below doesn’t show the color well at all, but to my eye the second image viewed in the gallery (click the image) looks better. The eyes (at least mine) are deceived into seeing more yellow in the first image due to the surrounding colors. Why I need to see that actual sample, and as large a sample as possible.

First Post!

This is my first post to the LuckyStars blog. I apologize in advance that it will be along time before we travel to any great distance. So I advise the reader to stick with the other great blogs of Nordhavn owners, see the amazing places these boats are to be found. The blog will start off as a place for me to put all of the technical information and photos I have accumulated in the process of ordering Lucky Stars. Also this is my first blog and first experience with WordPress. So for now a lot will be experimenting with software that is pretty much unknown to me.

I decided when a booking number was assigned for her shipment from China, I would start this blog. Well, that did’t happen quite as soon as I thought after the first heads-up from Nordhavn. At this date, 23 August, we do have a Booking Number. Lucky Stars will be loaded on BBC Nebraska ( on 30 August with all good luck. You can see her current position at

The Nordhavn crew at Dana Point are getting ready for the commissioning. Last minute changes are happening, Since I am just exploring WordPress, I will start posting a running log of what is happening. I’m not sure if any one is interested in this, e.g today we had to select another color for the upholstery of the helm chair, but I will post that today. In many ways i kick myself for not starting this blog at the time Katy and I first decided that the Nordhavn 43 was what we wanted to move to from our really nice, fast, and relatively economical Sabre 40. So my next post comes tomorrow, then I will back track a week to describe the dinghy selection.