Commissioning Week 1 (Pilot House Photos)

This week has been spent exploring the spaces of Lucky Stars and making appointments with craftspeople that will be supplying all sorts of gear. I will eventually write up a section on each of these: Canvas, Carpets, Shades, Davits, Grab Bars… and a lot more. For now I have gathered the photos taken this week into groups that roughly parallel the way Nordhavn organizes the large collections of photos that accompany their “Manuals.” My photos (clearly non-pro) were taken with my iPhone or Olympus Tough Point-and-Shoot. Many shots are intended to help me identify components, valves, pumps, etc. I have endless “whats-that” questions that will be answered over the next many weeks of commissioning.

Note: The orientation is incorrect for a few photos. Apparently different browsers treat image orientation differently. The photos render correctly on iPhone Safari for example, but not on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome for Macs. The fix seems to be to substitute screen shots that do not contain orientation metadata.

When Nordhavn gives me their photo collection for N4343 after commissioning, I plan to assemble them into my reference database then publish all on this blog site. I have seen such photo collections given to other owners. They are a comprehensive visual reference of everything visible on the boat. Much of the “invisibles” can be analyzed using the large collection of photos of the construction now accessible on this blog.

Pilot House

Pilot House Photos Week 1 of Commissioning

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