BBC Nebraska Destination San Diego 21 Sept

Getting closer, and seems to be on schedule for 23 September arrival. Nordhavn company policy prevents me from being present for the off-loading or for the transit to Dana Point. I don’t like it but I understand. In July 2009 a Nordhavn 56 Motor Sailer was dropped while off-loading at San Diego, ultimately sinking. The freak accident is interesting MOSTLY because of the exceptional response by Nordhavn to make the new owner as happy as possible. Its a great story of customer service. Nordhavn 56 Story

I’m not worried about this kind of accident but I would find the ship handling interesting to watch. I’ll get plenty of time with Lucky Stars shortly.

21 September 2016 09:33

BBC Nebraska

BBC Nebraska is underway with Lucky Stars and N5276. I decided to start tracking her with Marine Traffic Satellite Service. I was on the fence about this until I read about super typhoon Meranti. Nebraska should be out of the current cone, but that was enough to motivate my $15 subscription upgrade. So today here she sails about 2700+ nm behind her and about 3400+ to go to San Diego.

BBC Nebraska 12Sept 1010EDT

BBC Nebraska:

A Versatile Ship (Photos from Marine

BBC Nebraska Specs