Gaysie Final Build Photos and Loaded Aboard Truck

Gaysie is underway by truck to Annapolis. Her overall length is about 46′ with beam 14′ 6″. Height at rest (air draft) is normally not a significant factor but on the trailer it required setting the bow low in the slings.

Gaysie’s width and length necessitates using an escort car. Keeping fingers crossed for a safe arrival at Whitehall Marina in Annapolis. There she will undergo commissioning and an additional sea trial. Next stop will be at the Hinckley dock in downtown Annapolis. From there we start training.

Then on May 5, we will cruise down to our new slip at Regatta Point in Deltaville. Hope for fair weather!!

New Build Photos April 12, 2022

Completion in the shipyard is scheduled for April 21, 2022, with our final payment that day. The truck will depart for Annapolis at some point with delivery date of April 27 at White Hall Marina. Commissioning will begin there in supported by the Hinckley Service Yard in Easton, MD. Our three days of training will commence May 2 at the Hinckley downtown dock. We will keep you posted.

New Build Photos March 22, 2022

Delivery time is getting closer. Now scheduled for end of April at Annapolis, MS. Training will start May 2 for three days. Here are the latest photos sent by Ian.

This photo shows that the hull color appears light blue in artificial light.

This gallery contains the full group of photos from March 22, 2022

Hike at Fort Caroline February 20 2022

This is the hike Willy and Dave did several years ago. A point of interest is that much of it was built by Timucuan native-Americans from oyster mounds. These were built long before European conquests of the 16th century. Today the hike was undertaken by Roxane, Katy and myself.

Here are some maps:

Notice that part of the hike is nearly 6 feet below sea level.

More… here is the full photo gallery of todays hike:

Hike at Jacksonville Arboretum Jan 22, 2022

We find the Arboretum to be fascinating place for several reasons.

  1. The history of its reclamation from land tortured by mining,
  2. Its collections of specimen both native and imported, and
  3. the natural walking environment created.

Here is a gallery of the photos from the trip

New Build Photos from February 23, 2022

These photos were taken by Ian, the project manager, in response to my interest in the wiring spaces. There are a few more I would like to see in the mechanical space under the galley floor and salon. That area is home to the Onan 17 kw Generator and the Seakeeper 6 Gyro-stabilization gear.

I am happy to see the wiring spaces for the helm instruments and the CZone Control and Monitoring system are well organized and offer plenty of room to work .