Lettering Choices for the Transom

Ian Whitty sent the following lettering ideas.

Gaysie Build Photos December 13 2021

The build is moving along. We are getting a new Project Manager: Ian Whitty. Our original, Kirk Ritter, is moving to position of General Manager of the Hinckley Service Yard in Southwest Harbor. Here are photos sent December 13, 2021:

Gaysie Build Photos November 18, 2021

From Kirk Ritter, November 18, 2021.

More description coming …

First Build Photos September 2021

Kirk Ritter sent these. When I have had a chance to discuss them with Kirk I will provide a narration and update.

Virginia Slip for Gaysie

The plan is to keep Gaysie in Virginia during the Summer months to cruise Chesapeake Bay and north. Then after hurricane season, back to Amelia Island for the Winter season.

We looked at many marinas in the Tidewater Region. Deltaville seemed the easiest area to reach. It is rich with boat services. We also liked the marina on the York River at Glouster Point. The easy of access and the fact we could secure a covered 50′ slip sold us on Regatta Point Yacht Center. Some photos follow:

The slip is D-7, not far from another Talaria 43 Scout. We saw Scout on our trip to Annapolis where she was in for service. We met Scout’s owner, Will, at the marina. He will be a great boat neighbor I am sure.

Hull and Non-Skid Selections

The hull will be Aqua Mist and the Non-Skid will be Qyster White. This is against the Gelcoat color of Polar White. Somewhere packed away for our move from California to Virginia and Florida, we have a paint chip of this color. I will photograph that for inclusion here when I find it. We think the color combination will be spirited and youthful. (But not my favorite Key West hull color [hahaha]). The colors shown here were photographed by my iPhone 10S Max. I applied a vivid filter that comes close to the actual observed color, but by the time it gets to the blog through different media processing components, the color is terrible.

The Talaria 43 rendering in the upper left corner of this page can be imagined to have the selected color scheme. Maybe Hinckley has a system to add different color schemes to a boat to see the effect. I will ask.

These boats inspired our selections:

June Milestone Selections

We settled on the June Milestone specifications with Kirk Ritter. There are a few remaining items